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Written by Rick Archer
May 2008

I am a Baby Boomer nearly retirement age. It may just be my imagination, but as I get closer, lately there seems to be a cruel joke being played on me. 

People keep sending me PowerPoint presentations of some of the most glorious and UNATTAINABLE retirement fantasies!!!

First came Greg Norman's Yacht.  Then came the most gorgeous RV I have ever seen.  Then came the finishing blow ("coup de grace" in French) with Fantasy Island.  As far as I can tell, the only thing missing is a Swiss Chalet in the Alps with access to ski runs!

Now surely there is some Biblical Prohibition against lusting after thy neighbor's retirement home.  If so, the Almighty is surely testing us all with the kind of dream spots featured in this article. My Envy runneth rampant!

My bet is you will be envious too after viewing our lineup of three different wonderful Retirement Fantasies!

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