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January 2008 Note to SSQQ Newsletter Subscribers from Rick Archer: 

SSQQ has switched to a professional email service known as
Aweber.  The transition was a major headache, but thanks to help from my friends Lester Buck & Susan Arevalo, I think we are good to go now.

Aweber is opposed to sending out spam, they have made it impossible for SSQQ to add you to our list.   Aweber expects YOU to notify them that YOU WANT TO BE ON THE SSQQ EMAIL LIST.  

The Sign Up process has two steps.  First you fill out the three lines above in the yellow box above.  Then
Aweber emails you a confirmation notice to make sure you want to be on the list.  When you receive that confirmation email, you have to open the email and physically click the CONFIRM LINK to subscribe

From now on, you can leave the SSQQ Email List at the drop of a hat.  Any email you receive from SSQQ by way of Aweber has an automatic "unsubscribe" link at the bottom.

Aweber will not sell your email address to any Spam List.  Their privacy code ensures this.
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