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Adventures of a Dance Teacher
by Rick Archer
Last Update: February 2006

It has been over 30 years since I first entered the world of Dance in 1974. And to borrow a phrase from the Grateful Dead, what a long, strange trip it has been!!  It is true that I have had a dream profession. With the exception of some rough times the first few years, it has been fun almost every step of the way. 

I have had a career that has taken many twists and turns.  Although in many ways I have led a charmed career, no one can say there weren't plenty of bumps along the way, "learning experiences" as they say.

In 2006 I decided to combine many of the stories listed below into "The History of SSQQ". In this article, you will see many of the stories listed below referenced as they become important.

It is of course a cosmic absurdity that a guy with minimal dance talent somehow managed to create the largest dance studio in Houston, Texas (and quite possibly in the entire United States). 

As you will read in these pages, I openly admit I am not a natural dancer, have never won a dance contest, do not perform, choreograph, or put on shows, nor have I received any teaching awards or professional recognition whatsoever.  

This article - which is basically an abbreviated
Autobiography of my dance career - answers the following question:
"How did he do that?" 

I might add the story of how I got started should be strong encouragement for anyone who has hoped to ever turn a hobby into a career. If you have an activity you enjoy, volunteer as a way to get started, then see if you have what it takes to turn your interest into a full-time job or a more meaningful use of your time.  

The list below on my Time Line is a set of stories drawn from my various experiences as owner of SSQQ Dance Studio plus some goofy side trips as well.

I hope you enjoy your reading.  RA

       Time Line of a Dance Career


 An overview on Rick Archer's career and the History of SSQQ
1968 Story #55

 A simple act of kindness In high school makes a difference

1968 Story #56

 A humorous moment from my senior year in high school

     College Days and Graduate School, no stories as yet
July 1974 Story #01

 An in-depth story of how learning to dance led to a career.

Spring 1975 Story #57   I take my first Ballroom Dance Class and learn some lessons about dance the hard way
Fall 1975 Story #04

 Why SSQQ doesn't have dance contracts

June1977 Story #02

 I teach my first dance class ever.

Spring 1977 Story #18

 I meet the worst dance teacher ever.

Summer 1977 Story #22

 Something stupid - How I fail my big chance to enter the NBA

November 1977 Story #38

 Saturday Night Fever opens.

January 1978 Story #06

 My Big Break as a Dance Teacher.

1978 Story #32  Tales of the Pistachio Disco Club
1978 and more Story #07

 The Dance Curse

Summer 1978 Story #24   I teach dancing at a Wife Swappers Club
Summer 1978 Story #08

 The Fiasco at the Ritz

Fall 1978 Story #09

 The Clear Lake Dance Contest

January 1979 Story #38

 I begin to teach dance full-time for a living.

1979 Story #RB   Risky Business - the wild story of how 4 women help me get my dance career started
1980 Story #UC   Urban Cowboy leads to the formation of my own dance studio
October 1980 Story #38

 SSQQ moves to its current Bissonnet location

October 1981 Story #26   The Halloween Party from Hell
1981 - 1983 Story #15

 The Story of the Winchester Club

major history of ssqq Story #38   Glen Hunsucker
major history of ssqq Story #33   Ted Weisgal, the owner of Leisure Learning Unlimited
April 1981 Story #14

 SSQQ gets its name.

Spring 1983 Story #21

 How I cost the Oilers a chance at the Super Bowl

Fall 1984 Story #05

 I learn a valuable lesson in dance class.

1986 Story #11

 Tom Easley and his infamous Look-a-Like Night.

1986 Story #42   The Streak - I go Whip Dancing 201 Nights in a row
Summer 1987 Story #20

 I almost buy a Building and lose my shirt.

October 1987 Story #38

 SSQQ takes full control of the Bissonnet studio. 

April 1988 Story #47   The First SSQQ Sleazy Bar Whip Party
Spring 1988 Story #17

 The Genetic Curse.

Summer 1988 Story #40

  Diane Head and the huge 1988 Sock Hop

Summer 1988 Story #10

 The Bahamas Dance Contest

Summer 1989 Story #34

  Toga! Toga!  The SSQQ Night of Decadence

1998 Story #37

  David Schroeder designs the SSQQ Web Site

1998 Story #54

  HSDS-SSQQ Swing Controversy costs someone a marriage

January 1999 Story #41

  The SSQQ Extravaganza Swing Party

February 1999 Story #45

 The Lady Who Wanted to Lead

August 1999 Story #28

 The Curse of the SSQQ Balloon Race

January 2000 Story #43

 The Sordid Shaggie Jitterbug Saga.

April 2000 Story #46

 The Night I Lost My Temper over a Refund Argument

July 2000 Story #29

 The Exciting Sadie Hawkins Manhunt!

December 2000 Story #27

 The Arrogant Bastard Explodes

February 2001 Story #23

 The Toughest Dance Assignment of my Career

May 2001 Story #30

  The Pasadena Mud Volleyball Tournament

May 2001 Story #31

  The Newsletter leads to a huge catfight!

June 2001 Story #36

  SSQQ plays Noah's Ark during the incredible flood

2003-2004 Story #39

 Jack Benard, the magical dance teacher

May 2005 Story #52

  My high school St. Johns changes the name of the mascot

June 2005 Story #50

  Rick locks horns with 2 MBAs who want a Refund

November 2005 Story #59

  The Thousand Dollar Potty Leak

October 2006 Story #60

  My Day in Court - Houston Justice

February 2007 Story #19

  Car Towing and Parking Problems on First Street

May 2007 Story #62

  The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Newsletter

Halloween Story #26

 Tales of the Infamous SSQQ Halloween Party

ssqq hall of fame Story #12

  Mike Fagan gives Martian Whip its name.

ssqq hall of fame Story #16

 The Legend of Sharon Crawford.

ssqq hall of fame Story#35

  Susie Merrill and the amazing Heartbeat dance team

ssqq hall of fame Story #11

  Tom Easley and his infamous Look-a-Like Night.

ssqq hall of fame Story #61

  Bob Job, the infamous Mad Wizard who poisoned the entire studio

ssqq hall of fame Story #25

 The Daryl Armstrong Experience

ssqq hall of fame Story #13

 Jim Smith marries Pat and breaks our heart.

ssqq hall of fame Story #39

  Jack Benard, the magical dance teacher

ssqq hall of fame Story #66

  Phyllis Porter, SSQQ Troublemaker

ssqq hall of fame Story #40

  Diane Head and the huge 1988 Sock Hop

ssqq hall of fame Story #49

  Chris Holmes is the SSQQ Newsletter Superstar


Along the way many interesting and funny things have happened. These are some of the stories. I might add that many of these stories appear in other places on the SSQQ Web Site as well, but I can't imagine you will mind if I put them here as well. I hope you enjoy the stories! 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Rick Archer, SSQQ, 2006

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