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Dancing on the Serenade

Cher sent me some excellent dance pictures from our Dominica 2012 trip.  From what I gather, the pictures were taken by someone in the cabin next to Robert and Cher.

I do not know the name of the person who took the following dance pictures, but I can make a few deductions based on what I have seen.

First, these dance pictures had to be taken by a woman.

Second, the woman had a big crush on Roberto.  Robert is in practically every shot. 

Trust me, Robert had a very good trip.  His entourage included not just his adoring girlfriend Cher, but Cher's lovely mother Rhoda and Cher's close friend Linda.

As if Roberto was surrounded by enough women, everywhere he went, more women fell in love with him.  For example, at Saint Maartens, after visiting the nude beach, Robert and friends ran into a simultaneous photo shoot on two side by side yachts.

One yacht was filming a J Lo video.

The other yacht was filming some scantily clad Victoria's Secret  models.  Personally, if I am Cher, Robert's out of there before he ever knew what hit him.  Obviously Cher is more secure because she allowed him to stick around.

To listen to Cher, Robert's girlfriend, some of the women were "all over" Robert.  Even better, from what I gather, Cher has pictures to share.  However, she may not want to Cher those pictures.  Do you blame her? 

At any rate, let's begin the Robert Fan Club portfolio with this nice picture of Peggy Sue showing everyone what to do... with our hero leading her of course.  

Here we have Robert's Big Adventure dancing with Jazzy Joan.

Does Robert look too happy or what?

Cher finally gets to be in a picture.  Imagine that!  By the way, is Robert telling Cher what to do?  If so, this proves that Robert uses verbal leads.  If so, Tsk tsk!!  That is not manly! 

Does Robert know how to smile for the camera?  You betcha!

Here Robert is dancing with Eileen. 


OMG... another verbal lead!  If we have interpreted this picture correctly, poor Joan is lost without Robert's explanation of what to do. 

This handsome young man dancing with Marla is Mark.  He is a senior at the University of Connecticut who was enjoying a Spring Break trip with his parents.  Mark enjoyed hanging out with our dance group and we are glad he did.  Nice young man.

Here we have Sharon and Mark plus Pam and Chris dancing a Waltz.  There was a Ballroom Dance Night... our people were the only ones dancing.  When they had Salsa Dance Night... our people were the only ones dancing.  We stole the show.

Here Cher is dancing West Coast in the Centrum with Mike.  One night the band took a break, so I brought down my amplifier.  That amazing machine actually put out enough volume for the group to enjoy a solid hour of West Coast and Western music.

That's is Mike dancing with Cher, Robert dancing with Peggy, plus Ann dancing with Jeff.  In the background you can see Joan chatting with Clark and that is Pam sitting as well.  I am in the picture too.  That's my black shoe.

Cher is dancing Cha-Cha with Mark.  Although it appears that other dancers are waiting their chance to get on the floor, don't let them fool you.  They were here early to get a good seat for the next big event - Bingo. 

In addition to Jeff and Joan dancing West Coast, Clark and Suzie are in the picture as well.

Here Ann and Jeff dance West Coast.  Marla and I learned ten years ago just how popular dancing is at sea.  A cruise trip is the perfect opportunity to dance for the fun of it.  Our group had an absolute ball dancing practically every night on the trip. 

Unfortunately most people who cruise do not dance.  Why this is I will never know.  They certainly show interest when we get out there and dance.  Once they see how much fun our group is having, the wistful envy is written all over their faces.

Here is Imre and Eileen showing off.

Oh no, not him again!  Enough already.

I think Jeff had a good cruise.  He certainly had a steady diet of happy dance partners, that's for sure.

After all those hot pictures of Robert, Imre, Mark, Clark, Chris, Mike and Jeff dancing, I assumed there would be an incredible dance shot of me.  Instead Cher sent over perhaps the single worst dance picture of me ever taken.  EVER!!  Sad to say, I am so desperate for attention that I added it in anyway. 

Cher knows the secret.  Learn to lead and you'll never be lonely on a Saturday night.

Now Robert is charming another one.  This time Sharon is all smiles.

Jeff is dancing West Coast with pretty Pam. 

Is Cher sending a message?  Judging from how much Joan enjoyed dancing with Cher, Robert better start paying attention or he might get his walking papers. 

Glad Bill is finally feeling better.  Bill caught something called pleurisy on this trip that really knocked him on his butt.  He missed dinner one night and two dives to the bottom of the ocean.

Mike and Ann had a lot of fun dancing on the trip.  Ann is a high school art teacher; I think she enjoyed having Spring Break to recharge her batteries before the final two months.

Robert doesn't look too worried, does he? 

Peggy and Mike dance West Coast.

Sharon and Imre.

Pam and Mark dancing Salsa.  Mark was such a great kid. 
I wanted to adopt him!!

This is Donna and my cousin Rick Griffiths.  Rick took dance lessons for four solid months preparing for this trip.  The hard work paid off. I think cousin Rick was pleased to discover he could hang with us.  His dance project was a success!


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