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Hawaii 2013 Home Who is Going? Registration
  01.   Rick Archer
  02.  Marla Archer
  03.  Sam Al Jazrawi
  04.  Ann Al Jazrawi
  05.  Brandon Nelson
  06.  Gina Nelson
  07.  Laith Nelson

  08.  Fount Nelson
  09.  Joy Al Jazrawi
  10.   Gail Rhodes
  11.  Joan Mastrangeli
  12.  Sylvia Lopez
Don Blakey
Sharon Blakey
  15.  Jack Myers
  16.  Jo Wilson
Carol Batson
Jim McCall
  19.  Patty

  20. Joe
  21.  Susan Blome
  22.  Jess Carnes
  23.  Pat Carnes
  24.  Mike Dorman
  25.  Donna Sears
  26.  Richard Byrd

  27.  Annie Fletcher 
  28.  Karen Estep
  29.  Tom Easley
  30.  Margaret Easley 
  31.   Eileen Kondor
  32.  Wendy Weston
  33.  Kitty Senge  
  34.  Katherine Smaistrla
  35.  Gary Tradd
  36.  Danielle Williams
  37.  Marsha Sprague
  38.  Alan Wolf
  39.  Phyllis Harrison
  40.  Shirley Shaw
  41.   MG Anseman
  42.  Gay Anseman
  43.  Tim Crist
  44.  Lisa Crist
  45.  Iqbal Nagji
  46.  Barbara Majors
  47.  Sandy Fowler

  48.  Mike Davis
  49.  Jan Davis
  50.  Ann Fry
  51.   Steve Berryman
  52.   Judith Hutton
  53.   Kathleen Norris
  54.   Jen Watson
  55.   Larry Dean
  56.   Megan Zhu
  57.   Lane Harrison

  58.   Robert Ong
  59.   Helen Ong
  60.   Theresa Hendrix
  61.   Margo Harrison
  62.  Brad Schreiner
  63.  Sue Schreiner

Marla's Notes:  

Rick's Note: The last time we went to Hawaii in 2007, we took the magnificent total of 79 guests.  Marla and I were so proud of our huge turn-out!!    Now six years later, it appears the base of our original travel group has grown.  It only took us three weeks after announcing this trip to reached the halfway point of "79".

Based on our terrific start to Hawaii 2013, it seems likely that our previous total will be rapidly eclipsed. 

I would like acknowledge my wife.  Marla is truly brilliant at this.  Marla does this from her heart.  Just like I love to teach dance, Marla lives and breathes travel.  I hope you all understand that Marla is just as much your gift as she is mine.  We are all blessed to have her to create these wonderful opportunities.

So what is in the future?  What is beyond Hawaii?   For starters, you can assume we will head back to Alaska in 2014.

How about the castles of England?  Or a river cruise on the Danube to Germany?  How about a visit to see the romantic canals of Venice? 

I think you can assume that all of these trips are on our radar. 

In addition, both Marla and I have received requests for trips to some of the far-flung corners of the world. 

People are starting to talk to us about amazing destinations - a trip to Israel and the Holy Land, a shot at the Pyramids of Egypt, Australia/New Zealand, South America, Singapore and China.  One person even asked about India.  Another asked about Dubai.  For that matter, how about South Africa?  So much to see!!  I know for a fact Marla plans to take us all over the world.  Would you like to come along?  We certainly hope so.

These remote and quite expensive destinations don't seem so impossible anymore.  I think our base has expanded to the point that we can actually get "groups" to visit these exotic locations.  People like traveling with groups of friends... they have people to share experiences with and have wonderful dinner conversations with.  They are guaranteed company on each excursion. 

Not only do "groups" drive the overall price down, there is safety and comfort having friends to travel with.  The best example was the time Albertin spotted three gypsies working as a team to steal Mara's purse in Barcelona.  Albertin not only shouted an alarm to the rest of us, she actually struck one of the gypsies with her own purse in outrage!   Every trip demonstrates camaraderie like this - we all look out for each other.  As we get up in years, this is why I say that traveling with a group of friends is a blessing for all of us.  "Alone" we are vulnerable, "Together" we are strong.

One more thing - I have said this before, but I think it is time to say it again. Marla and I are grateful for your support of our vacation trips.  We understand that you have many choices with what to do with your time and your money and that you have other ways to book your trips.  We are honored and flattered to think you want to be with us.  

Thank you!   Rick and Marla

Hawaii 2013 Home Who is Going? Registration
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