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Directions to Rick Archer's House

608 East 6 1/2 Street in the Heights,
southeast corner of Oxford and 6 1/2 Street, Zip Code 77007

Note: It is difficult for GPS systems to find this house due to the unusual "6 1/2 St" address.  Try using "612 Oxford, 77007" (the corner address) instead.  GPS does much better with that address.

Warning: there are homeless people who live under a nearby bridge.  To be on the safe side, leave nothing of value in plain sight in your cars.

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Take I-10 to Studemont
Turn Left on Studemont
Go about six blocks headed north
Turn Left on 6 1/2 Street

Go to the end of the block
and look for the white garage door
on your left.



Note: Rick Archer ran SSQQ Dance Studio for 30 years.  After Rick sold his business in the first part of 2010, rather than rent space in a dance studio, it was simply easier for Rick and and his wife Marla to begin teaching private lessons out of their house in the Heights. 

We realize this is a bit unusual, but you will be pleased at how attractive the dance room is.  Parking is never a problem and the Heights is a very safe area. 

You will be pleased at how relaxed this situation turns out to be.  For example, if you are late, this is not a problem (unless we have another lesson scheduled after yours). 

If you have to cancel at the last minute, this is not a problem either.  Best of all, we charge only $50 an hour, one of the lowest rates in town.  Since we don't have to rent space, we pass the savings on to you.

Rick Archer
July 2010






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