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Group Picture List of People on Trip Picture Chart

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Can you find the missing person??

Look below!

 73 Pictured
 14 Not Pictured: 

 13. Lisa Canida
 26. Ann Radenz
 30. Aisha Currie
 33. Marian Schoppe
 36. Bill Jenkins
 37. Susan Jenkins
 38. Gail Lungaro
 39. Glen Lungaro
 60. Gayle Tobey
 61. Peggy Starrett
 63. Bill Wibker
 70. Ruben Vasquez
 71. Linda Vasquez
 80. Heather Barlage

Where's Waldo??

Here is the Game: One person in the list of 14 people who are 'Not-Pictured' is actually in the picture. Go to the Big Group Picture and look for a missing person. They are not easy to see, I promise. PS - Waldo is not the lady in the white dress in the upper left corner. Waldo is someone hidden in the group, but their face is definitely showing. Who is it??  Where is Waldo standing? 

Give me Waldo's real name and the number of the person or persons they stand next to for a free Practice Night in October.  First 20 people to send it in win. 

Email Rick Archer, dance@ssqq.com 

Group Picture List of People on Trip Picture Chart
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