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The 2004 SSQQ Wedding Cruise

September 26 - October 3

Rick and Marla get Married
aboard the Rhapsody of the Seas

Rick Archer's Note:  The story of the 2004 Rhapsody Cruise is a very long write-up.

If you wish to read about Rick and Marla's Wedding:
Chapter One

If you only have time to read one story, then definitely skip to the insane last Chapter:
Mischief on the Rhapsody

  If you prefer to pick and choose various chapters, here is a summary.
Chapter One   The Story of Rick and Marla's Courtship and the Days Leading up to their Wedding.
Chapter Two   The Story of Rick and Marla's Bizarre "Oops Wedding" aboard the Rhapsody.
Chapter Three   The Story of the Second Wedding Reception aboard the Rhapsody.
Chapter Four   Beatlemania.  How the Legend of Phyllis the Center of Attention Began.
Chapter Five   Dancing Aboard the Rhapsody.
Chapter Six   Mr. Windjammer.  Gary Richardson's Contributions to the Dancing and to the Photography of each trip.
Chapter Seven   Captain Teige.  How Rick and Marla met the Captain of the Rhapsody and were invited to a private meeting on the Bridge.
Chapter Seven A   Champagne Night.  How Mara Rivas started an entire new tradition on SSQQ Cruise Trips.
Chapter Eight   Mischief on the Rhapsody.  Whatever you do, don't miss this one.
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