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There are numerous examples of Human Stupidity on the SSQQ Web Site. 

You have the opportunity to view three different pages that carefully chronicle human stupidity in great detail.

Airplane Stupidity I covers an airplane crash in Africa that you will find very amusing. 

Airplane Stupidity II covers the antics of a couple of airplane mechanics who make the guys in the movie "Dumb and Dumber" look like Mensa candidates. 

Larry the Moron is a story of almost inconceivable stupidity. It is about a stunt so ridiculous you will never believe it really happened. Then you look at the pictures and start to think, "Yeah, maybe this really did happen. Nah, No Way!!" Well, guess what, it really happened.

Grand Canyon Idiot - The infamous Leap of Faith where a man foolishly risked his life jumping from one ledge to another.

Beaver Dam - how foolish government officials hold a man responsible for dams that beavers built on his property

Arrowhead - two unbelievable but true stories of men who were hit in the head with arrows, yet managed to survive. 

Yacht Mishap - How would you feel if your million dollar yacht was destroyed by a stupid accident before you even got the chance to sail on it? 

Darwin Revisited is dedicated to the people for whom "common sense" was a gene not passed on to them by their parents.


Airplane Stupidity I Airplane Stupidity II Larry the Moron Grand Canyon Idiot
Arrowhead Yacht Mishap Darwin Revisited  
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