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Plane Crashes into Lake Victoria trying to Land. 

Date: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 9:16 AM 

Subject: Aviation in Africa (from a Boeing operator in Africa who reviewed the accident)

For those of you unfamiliar with African geography, Lake Victoria  is a vast lake about the size of one of the USA's Great Lakes. It is an enormous body of inland water in the southeastern part of Africa. 


In northwestern Tanzania at the lower end of Lake Victoria is Mwanza, a small port city, with a long but narrow runway. A few years back a DC-8 crashed trying to land here and the remains are scattered in various places around the airport. But that's another story. 

In February 2000, at about 8 pm in the dark, an Arabian-registered B707 cargo aircraft was landing to pick up a load of fish. On the first approach the airport lost power and lost all its lights (a routine experience here), so the pilot had to go-around until the back-up generators got the lights on.  On the second approach he was much too far to the right and almost took out the small terminal and control tower. The pilot pulled back in the air for a third try. 


On the third try, the pilot approached the runway from over the lake with no visual reference. Noting the airplane was dangerously off-target, the control tower called to the pilot, ”You are too low, pull up," to which the Captain replied, ”Don't worry, I know what I am doing!”  

About 3 miles short of the runway, he hit the water, tore off all 4 engines and gear, but miraculously did not puncture the fuselage.  With battery power and the taxi light on, the crew were picked up by a fishing boat with no reported injuries. 


The following day, the plane was still afloat, so a tug towed it to shallow water near the airport, where it will probably be a beacon for many years.  

Or perhaps the pilot simply thought he was supposed to pick up the load of fish in the middle of the lake. 

The report said the accident appeared to be a combination of poor pilot skills (or lack of skills), spatial disorientation due to night conditions, flight over water without visual references, and total inattention to navigation equipment. 

My guess is he was just plain stupid.


The story of the crazy plane crash wraps up this page. However we have another page for you to visit titled "Darwin Revisited".   We explore the ideas of Darwinism and the possibility that Society may have placed too large a safety net under the stupid people of the Earth, seriously undermining the quality of humanity's gene pool. 

However, before you visit the Darwin Page, I have a question: 

Am I just having a bad month or do you agree innocent people everywhere are endangered on a daily basis by idiots who commit incredible acts of inconceivable stupidity and poor judgment??  

Am I irrationally paranoid or do you agree my heightening fear is based on reality??  Let me know so I can seek if necessary. 

Do you have other stories of massive stupidity you wish to share??

Send your replies to Rick Archer,

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