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Rick Archer's Note: There were many faces whose names I did not know.  Please email me if you can help fill in the blanks.  In addition, if you were at the party and have a story to tell or a picture to share or you would simply like your name added to the list, by all means contact me.


001 Milt and Becky

002 Judy


003 Jerry (and OJ)

004 Jack and Beth


005 Kristi

006 Paul and Linda


007 Vivacious Viv, Ed, Desdemona

008 Candi and Andrew


009 Ricky and Laurette

010 Maureen and Ricky


011 Sylvia and Rick

012 Laura and Steve


013 Susan and ?

014 ? and ?


015 Andy and Rhonda

016 Sylvia, ?, and Priscilla


017 Alena and Steve Gabino, our photographer

018 Moe and Joe


019 Sol and Lee Ann

020 Tom and Bette


The Story of the Last Waltz

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