Last Waltz 10
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181 Allison, Geanna, Philip, Trenton

182 George, Joan, Jo, Patty, Tom


183 Margaret, Tom

184 Paula, Glenn, Patrick, Rebecca, Laura, Betty, Gary, Patty


185 Flo, Rey and Bruce

186 Rick, Margaret and Tom


187 Marsha, Rick, Liana, George

188 Mario, Amy, Stephanie


189 Ash, Noe, Beth

190 Peggy and Anton


191 George, Marsha, Vivian, Rick, Terri

192 Deborah and Karl


193 Daryl and Jo Anne

194 Marla and Rick


195 George, Roberto and Judy

196 Door


197 MJ, Philip, Rowena, Mike peeking in

198 Priscilla and Nick


199 Dawn and Ken

200 Ashleigh and Noe.



From: Rick Archer
Subject: Last Waltz pictures
To: Steve Gabino 
Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010, 9:08 AM

Steve - I just now got the chance to look at the pictures for the first time this morning.

What a wonderful job you did, Steve. So good!

Each picture by itself is pretty wonderful, but once I viewed all the pictures in sequence, I realized that you were telling a story. There is a lot more to these pictures than meets the eye

You have captured the spirit of the studio - the dancing, the laughter, the friendship, and the love. Not an easy task, but you did it.

You have given us the pictures to make "The Last Waltz" truly last forever.

Thank you for this wonderful contribution. And please understand that I speak for MANY people when I say this. When our friends view these pictures, I know there will be a lot of heads nodding in agreement when they read my letter.

We all appreciate what you have done for us!

Rick Archer


The Story of the Last Waltz

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