Last Waltz 07
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121 Joan, Ambrose, Eileen

122  Maureen and Joe


123 ?, Joe, Kurt and Marsha

124 Mara, Bruce, and Rick


125 We used to build pyramids at parties back in the Eighties. Now
our girls don't think we are strong enough to support them.  Hmmph.

126  Margie, Michelle, Margaret, Judy, Linda, Ted, Rick, Tom, and Gary.
Notice the girls have one foot on the floor.  Cowards.

127  ? and ?

128 Allison and Scott


129 MG, Rick and Gay

130 Glenn, Paula and Rick


131 Rick and Kerry

132  Ryan and Whitney


133 Vivian and Rick

134  Mary and Charley


135  Bert and Carol

136 Laury and Brent


137 Nancy and Jerry

138 Carol and Nick


139 our DJ, Mitch Istre.  Thank you, Mitch!

140 Mark and Peggy


The Story of the Last Waltz

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