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Round 4, the Shaggie Saga Continues: 

SSQQ Response to Mr. Huzar's
Second Email Letter  

To SSQQ Readers:  It turns out that the flap discussed below was based on a fairly large misunderstanding. Mr. Huzar's email hit me out of nowhere and basically left me in shock. However, the very next day I responded via email to Mr. Huzar and carbon-copied my response (see Shaggie 2) to the other people on his email list. As a result I got one very nice phone call which helped to clear the air. 

The phone call was from Nick Mirgeaux, who is president of the Forbidden Word Professional Forum (APF). Later that day came a nice email from Stephen Huzar (see Shaggie 3), who bless his heart is only guilty of caring too much about his school. When used "wisely", that kind of loyalty is pretty wonderful. 

As a way of attempting to heal the wounds of the misunderstanding, I offered to let SSQQ host a charity class in "Forbidden Word Jitterbug" on Saturday, March 25. Below is my email on the event which should have laid the controversy to rest. But it didn't.

February 8, 2000


Apology accepted. Thank you for getting back to me.

Since your letter, I have discussed the issue with a half-dozen A&M graduates. The consensus is they are proud of the dance and enjoy having their school’s nickname associated with it. However they respected your position as well and sensed that you had the school’s best interest’s at heart. If the legal office of A&M actually does contact me and requests that I abandon the use of the word “Forbidden Word”, I will honor their wishes and hold a studio-wide contest to rename the dance.

I am sincere in my offer to sponsor a Crash Course in the dance formerly known as “Forbidden Word Jitterbug”. I have not published the March Schedule yet, but plan to offer the class on Saturday, March 25, from 7-9 pm, with Rachel Seff teaching it. I hope your organization will help promote the class and participate in it to a high degree. As I said, all proceeds will go directly to the A&M Scholarship fund. The event will be charged at $20 a person for a two-hour course and will be advertised as an A&M Fund Raiser. I would hope a representative of your organization will volunteer to handle registration and collect the money. Your club will be given its own table and will be permitted to distribute literature promoting your organization and its events.

There will be a C&W dance afterwards from 9:15-Midnight. If anyone from your group wishes to participate, they will be quite welcome, but I must make it clear the $7 cover charge will go directly to SSQQ. I might add that since all wine, beer, soft drinks, and popcorn are provided gratis, our “profits” usually boil down to about $3 a person. Hopefully no one will feel we are being greedy.

I regret any negative dealings you may have had with members of my organization in the past. I will say that my studio is very protective of its privacy. Due to our prominence, through the years different people have attempted to promote their own events on the premises, but behind our backs... a situation that roughly parallels your own concerns : no one likes to be taken advantage of. As a result, it has become easier to simply stay isolated from the activities of all other dance organizations. For example, we typically do not promote outside dance events. Nor do we rent the studio out to anyone. Even our own instructors, whom we trust, are not to use the studio for anything other than private lessons.

With this in mind, consider our offer to be quite special.

Rick Archer
SSQQ Dance Studio

Houston, Texas


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