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Round 5, The Shaggie Saga Continues:

The Texas A&M Benefit Class

On March 25th, SSQQ held a Benefit class on behalf of Texas A&M University. In Mr. Huzar's first letter, he had spoken bitterly of how SSQQ was draining profits from TAMU coffers. If we may refresh your memory...

"Should you not refrain from using the trademarks, quite honestly, I (and Iím sure many other Houston area Forbidden Words) would find it a blatant act of greed on both the part of SSQQ and Leisure Learning magazine and rather disgusting that you would contribute to end the noble act of raising scholarships for worthy students."

Not accustomed to being accused of Greed on a daily basis, I thought it might be a nice gesture to hold a benefit class in "Forbidden Word Jitterbug" to dispel any notions that SSQQ wished to exploit A&M's good name or deprive its students of any scholarship funds.

I originally asked Rachel Seff to teach the class. Rachel is not only an SSQQ instructor, she is also an A&M graduate class of '92 with a Master's Degree, and a high-profile member of the Alumni community to boot.  Very active in A&M fund raising and many other events, Ms. Seff was recently presented the '99 TAMU Harris Award for Community Service!

I figured the A&M community would respond if "one of their own" was teaching the class. However as the days neared the event, I canceled my own course that night and decided to teach the class myself. Rachel was more than willing to teach it, but the truth is she barely knew the dance and only agreed to teach it as a favor to me. 

Originally Mr. Huzar wrote encouragingly of a joint effort between the Association of Former A&M Students and SSQQ, but as the event approached I did not hear from him. Nor did I hear from anyone else connected with the Association. It was becoming clear to me that either Mr. Huzar and the Association wished to distance themselves from the event or no one in the entire community even gave a damn.

On the night of the class no one from the Association identified themselves to me although I suspect a couple members were in the class. There were quite a few new faces to me. I considered the response very impressive. The class was attended by more than 40 people, a very big turnout.

I was worried there might be some hostile people in the group, but everyone there was very friendly. The class was enthusiastic and I received many "thumbs up" from the students in the group. The only mildly negative comment the whole evening was from one gentleman who expressed regret we weren't going to teach anything Advanced. He left after the Break, I believe.

In all it was a very pleasant evening. My only disappointment was that Mr. Huzar did not bother to attend... or if he did, then he did not bother to identify himself. I had hoped to shake his hand and put the whole incident to rest. I had also hoped to foster a link between SSQQ and the Alumni Association, but apparently that was not meant to be either. I was going to propose doing the benefit on a yearly basis. 

In the following days I found it odd that no one had contacted me before or after the event. After all the headaches I went through, I thought someone might say something. As for Mr. Huzar, he had managed to send me EIGHT emails in one week's time trying to talk his way out of the mess he created, but apparently his finger lost the magic touch for the SEND button as March 25th came and went. 

It is pretty easy to make a mess, but no one likes to stick around and clean it up. 

I emailed a couple of A&M exes for the correct address. I was very pleased to pass on a check for $500 which I sent to the Houston Association of Former A&M Students. 

I did think it odd that 10 days after sending the check I still hadn't gotten a "Thank you" letter or email. Maybe I should have listened more closely to that foreboding sense that all was still not right or forgiven ...

Little did I know.


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