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Written by Rick Archer
Posted November 13, 2008

For the last seven trips, Phyllis Porter - better known as "Trouble" - has organized a bus trip to and from the cruise.  This was the first year that Marla and I joined the trip.  Believe me, it was just as crazy as advertised. 

Trouble is pictured w birthday boy Gareld McEathron plus Alph (sometimes known as Leslie Goldsmith) . 

That's Gareld's daughter Deborah Taylor proudly displaying Virginia McEathron's new tattoos. 

As you can see, Trouble didn't cut Mr. 80th Birthday any slack.  Trouble and her partner in crime Alph were after poor Gareld from the moment he walked in the house.  My goodness, Gareld was such a good sport!  Whatever horrible thing Trouble had him do, Gareld just smiled and cooperated.  The rest of us couldn't help but smile along with the madness.  I hope I am that tough when I hit 80.  Gareld is such a great guy.

Gareld wasn't the only one having a birthday.  Jean Wind was tortured by Trouble as well.  

After all the happy birthdays, Dakota Wilhelm worked his butt off single-handedly packing all of our luggage.... and there was a lot of luggage!  One thing about cruise ships, they don't charge you for extra suitcases.  Unable to decide what to bring and what to leave behind, some people bring their entire wardrobe. 

In our third photo, the lovely Albertin Gharcheghah (c'mon, say her name fast. I dare you) is getting ready to sit down for the bus trip.

Trouble had promised lots of Hot Sex on the trip.  I guess I misunderstood.  But I did get the point... things loosened up considerably once Trouble's magic alchemy began to take effect. 

As predicted, bad boy George (aka Mr Handsome and Bama Boy), behaved very badly.  Fortunately for Bama Boy, his most infamous photos were censored and cannot appear on this writeup.  But I know where the originals live...

When Steve Gabino wasn't getting his ears licked, he took his clothes off too.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Here Holly Jolly and Albertin smile for the camera.  I don't think they indulged quite as much... too well behaved.

The joke is that Joe Lachner NEVER smiles.  Well, Hot Sex has a way of changing that according to girlfriend Patty Harrison.  Do tell more.

After his legendary luggage duty, Dakota was well-rewarded on the trip down.

As you can see, Steve thoroughly enjoyed his trip.  That beautiful woman is his girlfriend Vivian Gufstafson.

You know what?  I kind of enjoyed the bus trip.  See my smile?  That should tell the story.  



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