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Cristina Lozano and Conor O'Muirgheasa

Ron Fiske and Lin Mills

Denise and Jim Duncan


Gerry Francis and Amy Adams

Tim Francis and Anita Leung

Linda and Don Francis


Robin Curbello and Ed Miller

David Diggs

Cheryl Rudolph and Robin Curbello


Lin Mills and Judy Foster

Ron Fiske, Andy Regnier,
Corky Ament, Peggy McElroy

Cindy and Mike Flores


CA Riser and Cathy Bryant

Tom Huddleston and Bette Polishak

Lee Ann Parkinson, Chris Shields
Deborah Jenkins, Sharon Allen


Mary and George Cooper

Iqbal Nagji and Lin Mills

Phyllis Sullivan and Rick Archer


Cindy Flores and Danny Herdejurgen

Holly Vitemb and Lori Hill

Corky Ament


Lee Ann Parkinson and Ron Fiske

Bernardine and Loy Farmer,
Annie Fletcher and Richard Byrd, Ann Wells

Joe Lachner (Mr. Smile) and Patty Harrison


Patty Lynch, Shawn Eldridge, Bobby Kirkpatrick

Carol Batson and Eduardo Garcia

Judy Foster, Chris Shields, Karen Groom


Tiffany, Jean, and Kurt Wind

Gareld and Virginia McEathron

Lori Hill and Joel Konkel


Jeff Plaster and Deborah Taylor

Cyndi Bozeman and Jimmy Gunter

Allison Crunk and Barbara Fisher


Bette Polishak and Tom Huddleston

Montana Lee and Rona Kenter

Holly Jolly and Joel Konkel


Annie Fletcher and Richard Byrd

Rowena Roche and Charley Denton

Karen Wisniewski and Dakota Wilhelm


George Sargent and Mary Webb

Barbara Fisher and Andy Regnier

Ann McKenzie and John Hall


Sandy Hartman, Phyllis Center of Attention, and Louis Cottrell, Vivian Gufstafson and Steve Gabino, Andy Regnier and Phil Liggett


Kim Gilmore and Kit Carney

Marilyn Chambers and David Brewer

Dina Burton and Gary Catalan


Sanae Kelly and Martha Bouldin

Karen Groom and Larry Bench

Jack Myers and Jo Wilson


Loy and Bernardine Farmer

Scott Ladell

Jose Larios


Leslie Goldsmith and Sol Eisenbaum

Nancy McCormick and Ken Landgrum

Dwight Harrison and Myra Ephros


Rick Elizondo and Denise Duncan

Albertin Gharcheghah and Maite Rombado

Marie Cohen and Joy Isiminger


Ed Newman

Marsha Baxmann and Phyllis Sullivan

Leroy the Vampire Ginzel



Three Known Troublemakers: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil



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