Rhone Passengers
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Rhone River 2014 Home Passengers Watching the World Go By
  01.   Rick Archer
  02.  Marla Archer
  03.  Velma Roppolo
  04.  Emily Davis
  05.  Donna Kyle 
  06.  Georgia Blanchard
  07.  Leslie Taylor 
  08.  Linda Jarnigan
  09.  Paula Morris
  10.  John Pender
  11.   Lee Penderss
  12.   Larry Weinstein
  13.   Roz Weinstein 
.   Eileen Kondor  
  15.   Larry Dean
  16.   Megan Zhu 
  17.   Larry Chapman
Libby Chapman
  19.   Tom Wells
  20.   Meredith Wells

  21.   Jim McCue
  22.  Judy Klevo
.  Deanna Sullivan
  24.  Bonnie Savoy

  25.  Shan Oliver
  26.  Judy Everett

  27.  Marsha Sprague
  28.  Fran Zandstra
  29.  James Minnis
  30.  Diana Minnis
  31.  Michael Mathis
  32.  Sarah Mathis
  33.  Ann Locke
  34.  Suzanne Morehead

Rick's Note:
I put out an email Travel Newsletter every two weeks or so.  Whether you are on this trip or not, you are welcome to be kept up to date on all the Inside Scoop about our Cruise Trips.  If you would like to receive our Cruise Newsletter to keep track of the stories and Inside Information, please email me at

Rhone River 2014 Home Passengers Watching the World Go By
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