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Mariner 2013
Our 27th Voyage

April 7 - April 14 aboard the RCCL Mariner rr

Roatan, Honduras
Belize City, Belize
, Mexico

Part One: About the Mariner 2013 Cruise

Our recent 2013 Mariner Cruise was about as close to perfection as any trip we have ever taken.

Of course a couple things went wrong. Our bus on the Belize Jungle Tour had little if any air-conditioning. Boo hoo.  Marla broke a shoe while dancing… boo hoo to the shoe. Cindy Hudson got her foot stepped on while dancing and broke her shoe. Boo hoo to this shoe too.  I got my contact lens stuck in my eye and scratched my eyeball trying to get it out. Boo hoo. Velma cut her hand trying to open a wine bottle. Boo hoo. I stupidly left one of my luggage bags in the terminal on departure and had to burn 45 minutes retrieving it. Boo hoo. Jim Hudson didn't win every single Trivia Contest. Boo hoo.  

However, if that's the best I can do trying to remember all the sad things that happened, obviously the suffering was minimal indeed. Truth be told, I have never seen a happier bunch of people.

Thank goodness for duct tape

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, as always the credit goes to Marla. This was the 14th dance cruise that Marla has organized and our 27th trip overall. When it comes to Marla, practice makes perfect. Thanks to her immense experience, everything came off like clockwork. Sure there were problems, but Marla fixed them behind the scenes.

For example, some fool in the Excursion department didn't realize Marla had purchased our Catamaran tickets in advance. The man said, "Oh, I haven't had time to read my email." So Marla burned an hour just sitting there while this guy searched his email to find the confirmation.

In another incident, Marla realized the $25 on-board credit had not been applied.  This was a special perk that Mark Stoneham, the Galveston area RCCL agent, had given her to help promote this trip.  Marla spent another hour showing the necessary documents to establish her claim.

And I remember Marla wasting yet another hour trying to get a copy of our group photo. I remember this well because she got so fed up it became my job. Marla said it was my turn to suffer. And suffer I did. Fortunately the photo turned out well, so it was worth the wait.

Sure this behind the scenes stuff was irritating, but in the end it all got worked out to our satisfaction. The good news was that RCCL was really trying to help. What a difference it was to have a cruise line that tries to cooperate rather than sabotage what Marla was trying to do.

Pre-Cruise Party

As most people know, I have a dance studio at our home in the Heights.  Until recently half of it was also our bedroom.  Now that Marla and I have moved our bedroom to the main part of the house, we were pleasantly surprised to discover how much space that room has.  This is now a perfect party room to host our meetings. 

I have long suspected that our pre-trip meetings are well attended because everyone knows the Potluck Dinner is terrific.  The delicious spread for this party was certainly no exception.  Yum.


Chapter One: First Night Welcome Aboard Party

Our "Welcome Aboard" Party is an SSQQ tradition that goes back to the start.  Although heading to Windjammer for lunch is the unofficial start to every cruise, this party is our official kick-off event.  We held our party down in Dragon's Lair, the ship's Disco.

Chapter Two: Late Night Dancing

As opposed to the previous cruise last October where the list of miseries was nothing short of Pandora's Box, Marla's luck seemed to change the moment she switched to Royal Caribbean. Her decision to drop Carnival and try RCCL for our dance cruise really paid off.

Marla's first real break came when she hooked up with Mark Stoneham, Royal Caribbean's representative for the Houston-Galveston region.  Mark bent over backwards trying to accommodate Marla's decision to jump ship. 

After all the abuse Marla suffered at the hands of Carnival last year, Marla was amazed at how much easier it was to get things done with Royal Caribbean.  Thanks in large part to Mark greasing the wheels, every one of Marla's pre-trip requests was handled quickly and efficiently.  For starters, Royal Caribbean gave us permission for Late Night Dancing the moment Marla asked for it (as opposed to Carnival fighting us every inch of the way).

In retrospect, Carnival's opposition to our Late Dancing back in October still makes absolutely no sense to me.  I would like to again apologize for the ill will I created on the Magic 2012 Cruise.  I was admittedly in a very bad mood the entire week.  However, I would at least like to point out that my bad mood had nothing to do with the guests on the trip.  I was furious at how Carnival treated Marla during the weeks leading up to the trip.  When they continued to make life miserable for us once the trip started, I simply stayed angry.  In the end, I was no different than the guy with problems at work who ends up inappropriately yelling at the kids. 

It is my hope that you will try to forgive me.  I wish we could all come back together.

As for this trip, I was back to normal.  We ended up having a wonderful time with not a single headache.  Our Late Night Dancing, for example, came off perfectly without a hitch.  I will let the pictures tell the story.


As we have in the past, we really did have a good time with our Late Night dancing.  Five of the six nights were terrific… our only weak night was the same day as the notorious Catamaran Trip.  After the wild party we had that afternoon, everyone was useless for the rest of the evening.   

The dancing was a lot of fun.  It is marvelous to have lots of trained dancers with a lovely floor all to ourselves.  I think I enjoyed watching the dancing as much I as enjoyed participating.  Watching Iqbal and Joan dance West Coast or Tim and Eileen dance Hustle was a show unto itself. 

While I am thinking about it, I would like to compliment our men for really making an effort to dance with all our ladies. Iqbal Nagji, Mike Dorman, Jack Medley, Bill Tolliver, Edward Sanchez, Frank Hyunh, James Culotta, Michael Hrncir, Jim Hudson, Andy Bach, Imre Kondor, Frank, Tim and Ed Akin went overboard (well, maybe not 'overboard') keeping the ladies busy not just at Late Night, but in the dance classes as well.

Trust me, the ladies noticed.  They really appreciated seeing the guys take care of them.  Yes, there were more women than men, but none of the ladies sat for long.  I heard many compliments from the ladies at how much fun they had thanks to the concerted efforts of the men. Marla heard similar comments.

Let's hear it for the boys!



Chapter Three: Dance Class

Our three morning dance classes went very smoothly.  I taught Foxtrot the first day, Waltz the second, and Salsa at the third class.  
I taught down in the Disco, a creepy dungeon-like place known as Dragon's Lair.  The place was so gloomy, I had to bring my flashlight just to see which CD to use next.  Decorated with gargoyles and dragons straight out of the Exorcist, trust me, the vampires in our group felt right at home. 

Although there were a few more women than men, Tracy Akin and Marla Archer volunteered to dance with the ladies during each dance class.  Tracy helps her friend MG teach over at SSQQ, so she came in pretty handy.  As it turned out, our ratio of "leads" to "follows" was more than acceptable.  

Luciana, our ship liaison, allowed me to do something I had never seen before. She let me plug my music computer into an umbilical cord that connected my computer into their music system. Now I could use their speakers!  

Consequently not once on the trip did I have any need of the two large amplifiers I had brought with me. No more constant lugging back and forth. My life was immediately so much easier

Dance classes are popular on cruise trips.  Mornings are a quiet time and the classes gave everyone a welcome chance to socialize and hang out together.  I was fortunate that Marla took pictures while I taught, so I will share some of them with you.

Chapter Four: Cocktail Party

Every travel agent is given "Points".  The agent can either turn these points into amenities for the guests or convert them into added commission.  Marla has always preferred to share this discretionary income with her guests.  Most people assume that it is the cruise line that gives them these wonderful free Cocktail Parties, but actually the credit goes to Marla. 

My wife is very modest.  She is uncomfortable drawing attention to herself.  Consequently I know that a lot of people have no idea all the things she does.  Like a little kid who simply sees the food show up in front of his nose, the kid doesn't realize that his mother spends long hours grocery shopping, preparing the food, serving the food, and cleaning the dishes. 

Like the little kid, some of our guests, particularly the newer ones, may not realize all the things Marla quietly does to make these trips successful.  However I have a front seat for everything and I can report that Marla pours her heart into making each trip an absolute pleasure for her guests. 

Chapter Five: Luciana

People assume Marla switched from switched from Carnival to Royal Caribbean due to the notorious physical breakdowns of Carnival's ships.  Actually Marla made the decision well before these well-publicized debacles because Carnival's on-shore staff was so incredibly inefficient and uncooperative while she was trying to plan the events for Magic 2012.   

As you can see from the pictures, our parties, dance classes and Late Night Dancing were a lot of fun for everyone.  What people might not realize is that a lot of planning took place ahead of time.  Everything came off like clockwork thanks to Marla.  She put in a lot of work behind the scenes long before the cruise even began.  When Marla organizes a cruise, she makes arrangements with people on shore for every single event.  Marla sets up times for our parties, our dance classes, our group photo, our dining tables, and our late night dancing.

Unfortunately no matter how hard Marla tries, the success of our events is greatly dependent on the service provided by the ship's staff.  Once we are on board, it is the job of the ship liaison to carry out the arrangements created by the group desk that interfaced with Marla prior to the cruise.  Some of these representatives are good and others not so good. It helps immensely to have a ship's representative who goes to bat for us.   One of the reasons this particular trip went so smoothly is that we had a very talented ship liaison. 

Our Late Night Dancing went well because every night Luciana Trejo Valadez, our ship liaison, was there to greet me.  Not only did she make sure our dancing started promptly, every night Luciana brought a technician along to make sure the volume was correct and the lights were dimmed to my satisfaction.   Consequently in the Midnight Hour our group had the best dance floor in the house all to ourselves.  And it was the same way for every single event.

Throughout the trip w
e had a great time dancing.  W
hat a difference it makes to work with a cruise line that appreciates our business. 


Edward and Liz

Joan, The Princess of Jazz

A Sticky Situation

Luciana was the most competent ship liaison we have had since the wonderful Gertrude Booysen on the 2011 Conquest trip.  Gertrude actually risked her job by arguing with the Hotel Director to let us have our late night dancing.   Although Luciana wasn't forced to resort to any heroics, she was always there at the start of every event we held to make sure there were no problems.  

Luciana did actually do me a big favor one night.  On the fifth night of the trip, when I arrived at 11:25 pm to set up my computer for our 11:30 Late Night dancing, there were eight Latina ladies dancing freestyle out on the floor. The ladies were dancing energetically to the Salsa music of the band.  I had a hunch that some of these ladies were either the wives or the girlfriends of the band members.

I didn't want to interrupt their fun, but at the same time people from our group were starting to arrive. However we had just a handful of people, so I decided there was no point in asking the ladies to leave yet.

So the girls continued to dance past 11:30 pm which is when Luciana showed up. She found me sitting at the computer programming the evening's music. I smiled when I saw Luciana and stood up. I don't know what prompted her to say this, but she said, "You don't like this kind of music very much, do you?"

That surprised me.  I can't imagine what made her say that because it isn't true.  I listen to Salsa music all the time at home when I work at the computer.   I love the horns and the syncopation.  To me, Salsa is sort of like Disco music, but more interesting.  So I replied, "No, that's not true. I like Salsa music a lot."

Luciana looked skeptical. She didn't believe me. So I laughed and said, "Where are you from, Luciana?"

She looked at me suspiciously. "Mexico City."

"Ah, Mexico.  So of course you would love Salsa music.  I have a question for you.  Do you like to dance?"


"Do you like to dance Salsa?"

"I love to dance Salsa!!"

"Okay then."  I opened my arms invitingly. "Let's dance!"

Luciana was surprised at my gesture, but she wasn't going to back down from a challenge.  So right there on the spot I led Luciana through 5 or 6 patterns boom boom boom.  I didn't hold back either.  Once I saw she could dance, I had some innocent fun at her expense. Then I let her go.  I grinned because Luciana's eyes were bulging.  Plus she was a little out of breath.   

When she recovered, she stared at me in amazement.  "Where you did you learn to dance like that?"

"Luciana, you have no idea.  I used to teach people to dance Salsa all the time.  I told you I liked Salsa music, but you didn't believe me.  Now what do you think?"

"Oh my gosh, I wish my boyfriend could dance like you. I love to dance!"

She was quiet for a moment.  Then Luciana said, "You know why these ladies dance alone, yes?"

I nodded.  Either their men were in the band or their men refused to dance.  It was one or the other.

Luciana continued, "If their men would just learn to dance, then these ladies wouldn't have to dance with each other. I tell my boyfriend he needs to learn how to dance. If he doesn't, he drives me into the arms of other men because I won't give up dancing."

I smiled. Truer words have never been spoken. Back in 2001, a woman from SSQQ signed up for our dance cruise without her boyfriend of six years. The boyfriend had told his girlfriend he didn't like to dance, so go ahead and take the cruise by herself. Sure enough, on the very first night of the trip, that woman ended up in the arms of another man on the dance floor. That woman is now my wife. (Stroke of Midnight)

While Luciana and I danced on the sidelines, the ladies had taken their control of the dance floor to a new level. The band was now running past their time to finish, but the men were helpless to quit because two of their wives had taken the stage captive.  These two ladies had each grabbed a microphone.  Now they began singing to the delight of the other ladies who continued to dance.  

I looked at the expressions of the men in the band.  They were tired and clearly wanted to stop playing, but none of them had the guts to tell their wives to sit down.   At first I laughed at the situation, but then I realized those ladies were in no mood to stop.  I definitely didn't want to spoil the fun for fear of my own life.  

There was a potential showdown brewing.  A dozen or so of my group had shown up, so pretty soon I would indeed have to say something and risk their wrath.  Fortunately Luciana realized the dilemma and stepped in.  She used her authority to ask the ladies to stop. The ladies pleaded with her for one more song. "You are one of us, come dance with us!  Let Sylvia sing one more song!"  

However Luciana held firm. She smiled and said it was time for "our friends from Texas to have their turn."

Reluctantly the ladies yielded the floor. Seeing their long faces, I started my own music to ease the tension.
I also said a silent prayer of thanks to Luciana for her help in defusing the situation. I have no doubt the husbands in the band did too.  It would be a foolish man to dare come between a woman and her Salsa.


Let's Get the Party Started!!


Chapter Six: Debra

Once in a while I run across individuals who totally leave me baffled.  For this trip, Debra Hrncir and Cindy Hudson had a plan.  They were going to get the Party started... and they succeeded far beyond anyone's imagination.  In fact, they were so successful that I am left wondering if they had help from unseen sources.  The words voodoo and sorcery have crossed my mind.  No other explanation makes any sense.

As you will see, both women possess immense powers.  However my problem is that I can't tell if Debra is trying to save us all or whether she has me totally fooled.   I will let you be the judge. 

To the outside world, Cindy and Debra seem normal enough.  They are best friends as are their husbands Jim and Michael.  From what I gather, this long-time friendship started when their daughters became friends in school out in Katy.  Their children's friendship led to the parents connecting. 

Now that those kids are grown and out on their own, the bond of the parents continues as firm as ever.  The foursome does so much together...  Renaissance Festival, Jimmy Buffett concerts, Harley-Davidson bike trips, San Antonio trips, Czech Festivals, you name it.  To listen to them, they are always doing something.

So what is Debra's talent?  Debra knows the world.  Debra might actually know more people in Houston than any woman I have ever met.  It seems like whomever I name, Debra knows them.  It is pretty scary.  I think the woman has dossiers on everyone.  I can't imagine how else she keeps all those people straight.

I have noticed that large groups assemble wherever Debra goes.  This can't be an accident.  I cannot help but wonder how she inspires so much loyalty.  Debra seems normal enough.  What is her secret?  Beats the heck out of me, but in the privacy of my own thoughts, I call Debra "Leader of the Pack". 

Is Michael smiling??  Close, but no cigar.

All ten of these friends were on the Magic 2012 Trip together as a group.  Last names omitted to protect the innocent... (assuming any of them are innocent)
Larry - Merrie,  Ted - Linda,  Michael - Debra,  Shannon - Wayne,  Jim - Cindy

It was Debra and Michael whom I got to know first. Previously I had met them in a 2011 Western Cha-Cha class taught by Sharon Shaw over at SSQQ.   Debra was very outgoing and I enjoyed chatting with her.  However we just barely brushed the surface.  I had no idea of the super-powers that lurked in this woman.

In 2012 I got to know the couple better when Michael and Debra signed up for my Advanced East Coast Swing class.  I impressed by Michael.  I have never had any guy work harder in my class.  I found out they were taking my class in preparation for the Magic 2012 cruise. 

Similarly Jim and Cindy took a Ballroom class from Marla at the same time.   At that point, I was fairly unsuspecting.  One night before dance class Debra mentioned that her friend Cindy was a bit 'unusual'.  Since Cindy wasn't in my class, I had no idea what Debra was talking about. However Debra didn't go any further. Debra doesn't get to be friends with half of Houston by telling tales.  So I just shrugged and let it go.

The foursome seemed pretty normal at the time.  Nothing in their dance class demeanor foretold the force of nature that was to arrive on the Magic.  When the foursome showed up on the ship, I had no idea they were going to bring an entire gang with them. 

What was the connection?  I asked Debra how she knew all these people.  Debra just sort of smiled and said they were all in the choir together.  No way.  I didn't believe her. 

I got the feeling Debra was pulling my leg.  Hmm.  Do those guys look like choir boys? 
I don't think so. 

For example, several times during the trip I noticed Michael was wearing a pirate-style do-rag.  You know, Michael's a pretty big guy. Plus the guy practically never smiles. 

I always liked Michael, but maybe I was wrong.  I couldn't help but think Michael looked very convincing as a tough guy.  That's when I was sure I had my answer. 

Could these ten people be a biker gang?? 

Michael is almost smiling!!


To be sure, if they were a biker gang, they didn't fit the profile very well, but that has never stopped me from jumping to conclusions.  I have an excellent imagination.

For starters, as biker gangs go, the women sure were creative.  Did you notice those amazingly beautiful dinner tables in the pictures above?  From what I gather, in conjunction with Merrie (the lady in the red dress), Debra and Cindy created those tableaus.  I was really impressed.   Not since the legendary "Fun Table" from Bahamas 2010 had I seen a table decorated so tastefully.  Bravo!

Plus at various times, the gang was so clean cut and well dressed.  In fact, a casual observer might even say the biker gang appeared 'distinguished'. 

And yet I refused to let my guard down.  I am way too smart to be easily fooled.

Here is why I remained suspicious.  Every time I dropped by to compliment the group on how pretty their tables were, they said I needed to come see their cabins.  They assured me their cabins were even more amazing.  They hinted at bizarre gothic themes befitting the upcoming Halloween Season. 

Was this a trap?  If they lured me to their room, what were they going to do to me?  Considering I still assumed that Leader of the Pack Debra had secret powers, I had real trust issues over this invitation.  I wondered if going to visit the lair of this mysterious gang would be my worst mistake. 

I promised I would come look, but I kept putting it off.  Let's face it, I was frightened to go to their cabins alone.  Just thinking about it gave me the same chilly willies as would a trip to Dracula's Castle.

However, finally one night they made me feel so guilty that I overrode my fears.  So I dropped by after dinner.  As advertised, each cabin was a veritable haunted house unto itself.  I wanted to leave the moment I entered, but someone quickly slipped in behind me.  I was trapped. 

I don't know whether it was the vampire bats, the cobwebs, the hanging skeleton or the dried blood on the wall, but I immediately felt sorry for whomever was forced to clean these rooms.   How they got their superstitious Filipino attendants to enter these rooms just added to the mystery.   

This visit didn't allay my fears one bit.  I could tell there was something very strange about this group. However, I was too afraid to ask.  It was better not to ask. Choir boys?  Yeah right. Give me a break.

Truth be told, I didn't get to spend much time with any of the ten people during the Magic 2012 trip.  They were such a tight knit group that I never isolated any of them for much more than a passing comment.  Plus all ten of them typically spent every evening chanting at the karaoke bar.  Debra said it was because they were in the choir and needed to keep their voices in training.  Like I believe that!

I avoided that Piano Bar area like the plague.  All that singing was weird and cult-like.  They were up to something and I didn't want to be anywhere near them.   I couldn't put my finger on it, but I have never been so intimidated in my life.  I wasn't about to mess with the Group of Ten.

I am almost certain a smile
is trying to break through.


The Warning

I have to share there was one very strange moment during the Magic 2012 trip.  I vividly remember that one morning before a dance class started, Debra got there before the others.  That is when she brought up Cindy again.  First Debra furtively looked over her shoulder to make sure no one overheard us.  Then with a concerned look, Debra began to whisper.

"Rick, you really need to keep an eye on Cindy.  Cindy is, well, different.  I can't really explain it, but there are times when the lady becomes a little crazy."  

The concern on Debra's face left me rattled.  This whole whispering campaign didn't help my nerves any.  I wasn't quite sure I knew why Debra was telling me this. At the time, I didn't know who to be more worried about, Debra or Cindy. 

Debra's unsolicited warning felt very creepy. This moment was playing like an early chapter in a Stephen King novel to set the scene before Carrie breaks loose and goes postal on the world.

What was this woman's angle?  Was Debra setting me up for the kill or was she sincerely trying to warn me about something?   If so, why did she refuse to be more specific?  I still had my suspicions about Debra, Leader of the Pack.  I didn't know whether I could trust her. Who on earth has the ability to talk 10 people into going on a cruise?  What was the secret of her powers of persuasion?

I pointed out that Cindy had behaved perfectly well to date.   Debra said that was because Cindy had her husband Jim.  Debra said Jim had a wonderful way of keeping Cindy from going over the edge. 

As long as Jim was around, we were safe....  

For a moment, that made me feel better. But then I met Jim.  Once I saw Jim with his bizarre "Spudstock Zone" shirt and his blue shark hat, I wasn't quite so sure anymore.  Speaking of different, Jim seemed a bit "different" himself. 

So this was the guy who guarded the Wall at night while the rest of us slept?   Hmm.  Were any of us safe? 

Well, there wasn't anything I could do about it.  Debra was probably just teasing me.  So I just shrugged my shoulders and let it go.  Well, that was back in 2012.  But the memory continued to bother me.  So when Marla said that Debra and Cindy had just signed up for the 2013 Mariner Trip, I had a terrible premonition.   Uh oh.  Now we're in trouble.

Chapter Six: Something About Cindy

Sure enough, for our Mariner 2013 cruise, the Hudsons and Hrncirs were back.  Mysteriously, the rest of the biker gang stayed home.  When asked, Debra refused to tell me where they had gone.  She smiled pleasantly and said, "It's just us this time."

The news kept getting worse.  A shudder went down my spine when Marla announced we would be dining with them.  Oh no.  This is not good.  Only I know this, but Marla is very attracted to the Dark Side.  You should see her watch the "Walking Dead"; Marla is so transfixed I think she identifies with the Zombies.  In fact, she actually applied to be one!! 

The moment Marla said we would be together, I knew it was pure moth drawn to the flame.  I wasn't sure if it was Debra or Cindy, but somehow Marla was being sucked into their orbit.  I was certain it was only a matter of time before Marla began drinking the Kool Aid.

Sure enough, on the very first night of the trip my worst fears were confirmed. 

On the very first Late Night, Cindy Hudson organized a dance-a-thon. Her theme for the cruise was "Get the Party Started". She and Debra had decorated their cabin doors accordingly.  They promised me they were going to Rock this Boat!

First Cindy asked for "Get the Party Started" by Pink.  Then Cindy asked for "Let's Get it Started" by the Black Eyed Peas. Next it was "Old Time Rock and Roll" by Bob Seger. Before we knew it, we were all dancing Freestyle like we were kids again.

I can't speak for the others, but I felt pretty clumsy out there. I frowned. Heck, I used to teach people how to Freestyle. But sometime around the age of 50, I decided my Freestyle days were over.  I preferred to partner dance to the music instead.  At that point my Freestyle went into hibernation.

Breakthrough!!  Ta da!  Michael is smiling!! 
And look how handsome he is!

Edward has no idea the danger he is in. 
He is falling under the Spell of Cindy

Now here I was at least ten years down the road and somehow Cindy managed to get not just me, but all of us all out there dancing.  How did she do that? 

Meanwhile I was struggling.  Whew, I expected at least a few moves to still be hiding in there, but I was wrong.  I felt like a big dump truck stuck in reverse.  Or maybe a dancing hippo.  I hate this aging stuff!

That's why I was so amazed by Cindy. 

How on earth did she get so many people out on the dance floor?  Surely I wasn't the only one who was floundering around like a duck out of water.  I bet the whole group felt spastic.  So why were we out here? Didn't Cindy know we all gave up Freestyle dancing ages ago?? 

No matter.  When it comes to raising the dead, Cindy is the proverbial Pied Piper - Simon Says wrapped into one.  Cindy said 'Jump' and 'Jump' we did.

For her final act, Cindy requested the Macarena.  C'mon, you gotta be kidding.  No way!

I scoffed.  I told Cindy don't bother, these people aren't going to do the Macarena.  No one likes the Macarena.  People hate the Macarena.  Even worse, these people were basically cold sober.  None of them were wasted enough to try anything as stupid as the Macarena. 

I told Cindy to give up.  She didn't have a chance.

Cindy was undeterred.  Cindy said, "I'll make you a bet.  You play the song, those people will start dancing to it."

I smiled and said I would take that bet.  Curious to see who won?   Well, look for yourself. 


OMG, they really are doing the Macarena!!  

How Cindy got those people to do it, I will never know...  (but I have my suspicions).

Look for yourself and you will see that Marsha and Marla have come under the Spell of Cindy.

I will tell you one thing.  Debra tried to warn me... and now it was too late. 

Oh, those poor victims out there.  They were moving like brain dead zombies!!

I think those people were losing their minds!

This woman wasn't Cindy, this woman was pure Circe!! 

I could not help but shudder... the Sorceress was on the loose.  

What powers did Circe use to hypnotize these people?   Were any of us safe?

Here we have an entire pack of people who have clearly lost their minds.  These people are absolutely stark raving mad.   Marla is already long gone.  My poor wife has lost her mind. How sad is that!  Furthermore it looks like Joan is headed to the same place. 

And who do you suppose did this to them?  Yes, you know the answer.  Now look at all those faces again.

Who do you suppose is the really dangerous one?   Which one looks like they could be a menace to society? 

Can there be any possible doubt??   Consider yourself warned.


Now you have two choices.

You can check out Story Two - Belize or view our Formal Pictures for the trip. 

Rick Archer


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