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Rick Archer, SSQQ, 1999

This article deals with using the speed of a song as a simple way of determining which
dance (or dances) might work best.  Please note there is a lengthy Speed Chart
later in this article which we will refer to frequently. 

Just between me and you, sometimes it is very difficult to understand something when you don't already understand something.  Everyone tells me this article made a lot more sense after they didn't need it any more. I am sure you Beginners find this reassuring !

The point is, if you do not understand this article, don't worry about it.  Just ask any of our highly-trained SSQQ instructors to explain some of it.  They don't understand this article either, but it is always fun to listen to them pretend they do.  Small joke.

I hope you enjoy the article. Feedback is always welcome. You can Email me at dance@ssqq.com

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