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Rick Archer, SSQQ, 1999

After 25 years as a dance student, a social dancer, a dance teacher, and a dance studio owner, I have had the opportunity to welcome over 50,000 people to SSQQ. I suppose this gives me a rather unique vantage point not shared by too many others. In the following article, I cover ideas regarding the relationship of men to women in the wonderful world of dance. I might add that I wish someone had written this article for me back when I got started.

In my opinion, when it comes to dancing, men repeatedly make key mistakes that turn women away from them. This makes no sense because dancing is without a doubt one of the simplest, most effective ways there is to meet women in a large city like Houston.

Basically, ladies love to dance. It is a fun, safe way for women to meet men and share an exciting hobby with them.

Since it is difficult and uncommon for a man to become an excellent dancer, the few men who do take the time to succeed become very popular. The stakes of the game being what they are, the following article details my suggestions on ways for men to improve their odds a little bit.

I would appreciate your reactions to this article. If you wish to share them with me, I can be reached at   I might add I am very poor at proofreading my own work. If you find an error or two or two hundred, feel free to give me a hand by pointing them out to me. Thanks!

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