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Day 3 started off with a bang when our Cruise Ship lost control and plowed into the resort at Cozumel, Mexico. Fortunately no one was hurt, but thousands of innocent t-shirts were needlessly destroyed by this appalling carelessness. Tragic.

One Cruise member's girlfriend, her name withheld due to the sensitive nature of this story, was taking a shower when the ship crashed.

She was violently thrown from the shower right into the potty (the bathrooms were very small) and became hopelessly stuck. Her boyfriend tried hard to pull her free, but it was no use.

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  "Honey, I'm going to have to call the ship's plumber."  "You can't do that !  I am 100% completely naked !"  So her boyfriend threw her a sombrero and a serape, then called the plumber.

When the plumber came in, he shook his head. "Mister, I can save your girlfriend, but that poor Mexican has had it."

I don't know about the rest of the passengers, but from my point of view, the accident and the story of the pretty girl stuck in the potty more or less ruined my day.

Apparently I wasn't the only one. Quite of a few of the Cruisers said their day was ruined too at some place called Tulum. Garald and Virginia McEathron were nice enough to share some of their pictures with me. The ancient Mayan civilization was famous for their pyramids and structures. The best known pyramids are at a place called Chitzen Itzen, pronounced Chicken Itchin', but naturally we didn't get to see those.

Actually, I didn't get to see anything. I had an attack of Montezumas Revenge the exact moment everyone was boarding the boat to the Tulum Ruins. Faced with a choice between the Runs and the Ruins, I ran desparately for my cabin. By the time order was restored, it was "hasta la vista baby" for the trip to the Ruins. Sam was mad at me, Judy was mad at me, everyone who ended up sitting on the bus in traffic all day to see a bunch of rocks were mad at me, but the way I saw it, I "flushed" $150 in no-refund trip money down the drain. Oh well. Sam got to go horse back riding instead. I think she came out ahead in the deal. Judy's horse didn't like her. Afterwards, Judy's Mojo was so sore it didn't move properly for three days. 

That night the Cruisers had a big Trivial Pursuits Party, but no one told me. Lindy Hop, who is a terrific Trivial Pursuit player, brought her game with her, but was stunned when a team of Marty, Maureen, and Alyssa somehow managed to beat her. Apparently the game was very close and went right down to the wire. I would list more names, but no one invited me to play nor would speak to me. Everyone kept saying how worried they were that I might say something terrible about them later on.  Ostracism is a very painful social disease. After all the terrible things that happened today, I was very glad when the day ended.

Tomorrow : Cayman Islands !   Don't miss it !

Yesterday's Trivia Question :

What Cruise Member couldn't wait to offer her cabin to an SSQQ man stranded back on shore  !!!???? 

Lindy Hop's mouth seemed to have a death wish on this trip. Everybody else magically shut up the moment they saw me coming, but Lindy's mouth  never stopped moving the entire trip and maybe it was my imagination, but she seemed to talk even more when I was around...

One day Maureen Academy (she just needs a few good men)  was telling the story how an SSQQ man she did not know called up and asked if he could room with her on the trip. He said he had danced with her once at a New Years Party a couple years ago and heard she needed a roommate. Maureen couldn't recall the dance and decided to politely decline. When Lindy overhead the man's name, she exclaimed, "You mean you could have roomed with Him !  Boy, I would have roomed with him in a New York second. He's really cute !  I don't believe you turned him down !"

Today's Trivia Question :

What 3 lovely SSQQ ladies found romance on the trip with men from other cities ?   Find out tomorrow !

That's Dave and Allison pictured behind Sleepy Beauty.
This was the only time I saw Lindy quiet the whole trip.

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