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Renee and BJ rafting

garald, virginia, and diane.jpg (18030 bytes)

Virginia, Gerald, Susan

judy, joanne, vickie, anita, alyssa, beth.jpg (17872 bytes)

Judy, Joanne, Vickie, Anita, Alyssa, Beth

maureen and gary.jpg (18146 bytes)

Maureen and Gary

alyssa and beth.jpg (15227 bytes)

Alyssa and Beth

dave and alison.jpg (19044 bytes)

Pirate, Alison, and Dave

dave, charlotte, lindy hop, maureen, marty, alyssa

marty picking up another woman, sam.jpg (17162 bytes)

Marty picking up another woman, Sam

marty, alyssa, gary, marla, beth.jpg (18496 bytes)

Marty, Alyssa, Gary, Marla, Beth

wonderful winos marty and marla.jpg (16912 bytes)

wonderful winos Marty and Marla

judy, joanne, vickie.jpg (16415 bytes)

Judy, Joanne, Vickie

susan, marty, anne.jpg (13641 bytes)

Susan, Marty, Anne

the cruisers at the disco.jpg (21999 bytes)

cruisers at the disco

alyssa, marla, gary, renee.jpg (24297 bytes)

Alyssa, Marla, Gary, Renee. I wonder what Gary said ?

the SSQQ Cruisers !.jpg (81907 bytes)

Thanks to all of you readers for sharing our trip with us !

ocean creatures


Jamaica Cruise Home Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Pictures
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