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First Day Fun

The official name of this 2006 Trip was "Rhapsody Reloaded". 

Last year's trip was pretty feeble due to a certain lady name Rita.  Yes, Hurricane Rita put a major spike in our trip. Even though the Hurricane did eventually miss Houston-Galveston, the Rhapsody was forced to stay at sea an extra three days.  As a result, some people got a ten day trip and some people got a three day trip.

We got the three day.

Like Bill Murray's classic film "Groundhog Day", this year we were determined to do it right.

So Mara Rivas and Phyllis Porter teamed up to get the show on the road. They hired a bus and everyone met at Mara's house for champagne.  And from there they partied all the way to Galveston.

I have a lot of naming to do, so here's the deal. I am only going to list a name once.  After that, tough.

Pictured at left is Gerald McEathron, Jean Munnerlyn, Cary Grant, Phyllis Center of Attention Porter, Rick Elizondo, Bob and Jan Milz, plus the Alpha Girl Lesley Goldsmith. 

On the right that's Gerald with his lovely wife Virginia and the hostess with the mostest Mara Rivas.

That's Dakota Wilhelm and Susie Allen.  In the middle that is Harley Jones and Jeannette McGuinn.

In the middle picture Patty is joined by her boyfriend Joe Lachner.  As you can see, Patty just said a bad word.


Did I accidentally call the guy on the right Cary Grant?  My mistake. That's Mickie Benoit.  Mickie had serious reservations about coming on this trip, but Phyllis promised him he would have the best time.  I think Mickie actually did have a good time, although I was scared to death how much trouble Phyllis would lead him into. 

Meanwhile our trip's photographer, Gary Richardson, began to take pictures of the early arrivals.

On the left we have Betty Richardson, Gary's lovely wife, in a picture with Mara Rivas. 

In the middle picture we have Lin Mills, Susie, and Donna Dickinson.  Donna was another person who was pretty skeptical about taking a cruise.  I can only say every picture I saw of Donna had a big smile. 

In the right hand picture we have Betty Missler (who got engaged shortly after the trip), 
Peggy McElroy, plus
Cheryl Dicamillo and Richard Greason

  Mickie is joined by Ron Fiske.  

Dakota and Susie

In the middle picture, we have the Mountain Lion, Leroy Ginzel, an amazing man.  

On the right we have Eric May
and Eduardo Garcia.

Hayne Fussell and Virgie Fussell,
Jay and Jenell Williams
plus Jean Williams and Donald Taylor
  Cathy and CA Riser
   Rick Elizondo and Donna Dickinson

Mr. Handsome aka George Sargent and Melanie Booth

Trent, the gentleman in the cute orange life vest with his girlfriend Mindy grinning at him, took a picture of me.  He caught me playing a computer chess game when I should be listening to the life boat drill.  Busted.

Iqbal Nagji and Kathy Williamson wasted no time getting the dancing started. 

Kristy Dale wasted no time bringing out her smile Gus Donnell and Fran Zandstra wasted
no time getting the drinking started. 

Betty and Patty

In the middle picture we have Glenn Hebert
and Marissa Gorzynski (Marla's daughter)
Jerry and Katie Carpenter

This is Gary Richardson, trip photographer
and DJ for the nighttime dancing. 
Kathy Williamson and April Brown 

Doug Gephart, Debra Hill, and Jill Morell  On the right that is Mr. Handsome, Robert Friske Business, plus an unknown toe
about to be sucked.

Ron Fiske, Peggy McElroy, Cary Grant, Lin Mills, Greg Biasetti, Donna Dickinson,
Kathy Williamson, Larry Bench
Marla and Marissa on the right.

Cristina Lozano and Larry Bench

Laura Carmin and Larry Longbottom Harley Jones and Elizabeth Arrazate
Keith Patterson and Penny Gunderson Noel Townsend and Jeannette McGuinn Don Sheppard and Ken Ham
Vickie Jimenez and Meg Hada Trent Telenko and Mindy Lindsay   Donald Taylor and Jean Williams
Marla and Rick John Frierson and Lynn Chao John Otts
Lila Waring and Ron Fiske Cheryl Randolph
Lin Mills and Larry Bench Rich Latimer and Renee Landers Joe Simonton and Sandra Palmer
Donna Dickinson Lois Izquierdo and Bobby Kirkpatrick the McEathrons and the Risers
Sherry Thornton, Eric May, Jeanne Tobin Peggy McElroy Carole Henning and Ken Proctor
 Jean Williams  and Don Taylor Denise and Jim Duncan Phyllis and Dakota
Hayne Fussell Carl Meisner and Cindy Glasscock Phyllis and Doug
Fran and Leroy Richard Greason and Cheryl Dicamillo Dakota and Wendy Weston
Bruce Hanka and Mara Rivas Lucy Breitenbach Susie and Dakota
Conor O'Murgheasa and Noel Townsend Friske Business, Jeannette Maureen Irwin and Marla
Frank Huynh    
Hayne and Virgie Fussell Jenell and Jay Williams Don and Rafael Almonte
Bruce and Susie Betty and Iqbal Nagji Nick Mullet plus Kathy, Ron, Trent
Gus and Wendy Lin and Peggy April and Gary

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Rhapsody 2006 Home Who Went First Day Fun Formal Night Dancing
Belize and Cozumel Welcome to the Jungle Hot Tub Mischief More Pictures
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