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Now that you have finished reading about the hot tub glories of the Blobster, now it is time to meet another amazing SSQQ gentleman known as the Bobster. 

The Bobster is the alias of one of the passengers in the group.  In the picture above, that is Danny HurdyGurdy Man plus Jeff Plaster joining me in showing our appreciation for the Bobster's enormous contribution to fashion night. 

I admire a man who is willing to make a fashion statement, but I don't think the ship's Captain felt the same way.  That night I had a wicked grin from watching the Captain's face when the Bobster went up to shake his hand on Formal Night.  The man stared open-mouthed in astonishment.  I was secretly hoping the Bobster would ask to pose for a snapshot with the Captain.

Some people just don't have a sense of humor.

I told Bob to go out and get sun-burned for the second Formal Night.  Then we could have Lobster Bobster, one heck of a sexy Crustacean!


On this trip we worked two different puzzles.  Jan Milz brought the first puzzle we worked.  I set up shop in the Windjammer and sure enough, one person after another stopped by to put in a piece. Jan's puzzle was really cool.  It reminded me of Colorado, always a good thing. I enjoyed her puzzle immensely. 


I brought the second puzzle.  It was a puzzle of a cruise ship.  It was only 550 pieces, but this puzzle was a real booger.  Every piece was a challenge.  Even the border was hard to put together. 

Our superstar for this particular puzzle was none other than Alph.  That girl can put those pieces together!

Another unsung hero was John Safos who kept popping those pieces on a steady basis. 

Actually I had a lot of help and that was a good thing because this puzzle had my number. It was a four hour ordeal. I did some good work early on, but by the fourth hour I was effectively brain dead.  Thank goodness for my friends chipping in.

As you can see from the pictures, Jim and Denise Duncan, Jeannette McGuinn, Patty Harrison, Joe Lachner, Virginia and Gareld McEathron, Alph, Jean Munnerlyn, Noel Townsend, John Safos, and Igbal Nagji were all big helps in finishing one heck of a tough puzzle!


The Quest is a goofy game played on every RCCL cruise.  Considering Marla and I have been on seven different Royal Caribbean cruises, please forgive me for my lost enthusiasm.

However as you can see, my enthusiasm wasn't needed - there was plenty to go around.

It is billed as a Scavenger Hunt, but turns out be a chance for men to parade around in drag at the end of the show.

Don't ask. I don't want to spoil the fun.

This year CA Riser volunteered to be the Go To Guy. 

CA has always been a bit of a showoff.  After I recalled his revealing Chippendale outfit from the 2004 Halloween Party, I knew he was the right guy for the job.  Sure enough, throughout the night, CA was very comfortable in his various stages of undress and makeup.

I have to say that Mr. Handsome's Star Turn at the Quest on Rhapsody 2004 will always be the one for me, but CA was no slouch, believe me. He showed some good stuff out there! 

Actually, now that I think of it, both men seem to have exhibitionism in their psyches.  Why do I think that?  Well, take a look and decide for yourself.

I will tell you one thing I learned at this year's Quest - that CA knows how to strut his stuff.  I was very proud of CA and I know his wife Cathy was beaming with pride as well. 

That's a good thing since she sacrificed half her clothes and most of her makeup to support her husband's great adventure!

Actually CA's rise to the pinnacle of fashion was accomplished with a lot of help.   Team CA really rose to the occasion.

Women everywhere were taking off their bras, giving him their shoes, handing them their purses, and helping him put on makeup. 

In addition to Cathy's help, Mara Rivas and Patty Harrison were instrumental in applying makeup and offering fashion advice.

And was it my imagination or did I hear Mr. Handsome in the background screaming, "Strut your stuff, CA, let the crowd know what you got!"

I still think Mr. Handsome has it in him.

I believe there was yet a second champion among our group, but he expressed so much regret for his participation that both Gary Richardson and I decided to spare him further embarrassment.  I will simply say that Kathy Williamson's one-woman tour de force thrust this man just inches from victory.  All he contributed was a pretty face, but Kathy's indomitable will almost made him King. hmm. Make that Queen.

From here out, I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story about this truly remarkable and unforgettable event.


Mara and Cathy were big helps!


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Rhapsody 2006 Home Who Went First Day Fun Formal Night Dancing
Belize and Cozumel Welcome to the Jungle Hot Tub Mischief More Pictures
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