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April 20, 2007.   Welcome Maria Maxwell.  Thank you for visiting!  

Here are the pictures from our most recent dance cruise.

Several people told me this was the best dance cruise we ever had.  Between our Cocktail party, the Captain's Reception, Ballroom Dancing in the Centrum, plus Gary Richardson's After-hours Western and Whip dancing, we wore a lot of people out. 

As you will see, we had an incredible number of great dance pictures.

You probably already know this yourself, but it is hard to take a good dance picture.  Either the motion ruins the focus, or one person has their back to the camera, or one person smiles while the other person stares blankly into the camera.

The fact that we so many good dance pictures to show you indicates that someone took a LOT OF PICTURES.  In other words, good dance pictures are like an iceberg.  For every picture you see, there three or four that got the DELETE button.

Thank you, Gary, and all of the rest of you who contributed your pictures as well, for some great photos!


Here are some pictures from our dance classes.   This should give you an idea how popular our dance classes were!
These pictures were taken from our Foxtrot class.  In the picture above, doesn't everyone have wonderful 'Frame'? 
These pictures were taken at our Tango workshop.
In the picture below, notice the unusual grip where the ladies hook their thumb under the man's arm. 
This unusual grip makes it much easier for the man to lead the Tango with his right arm.
The next group of pictures were taken during Ballroom Dancing down at the Centrum.  As you will see, the dancers were having a ball.
Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Cha Cha, Rumbas and Tangos were played every night.  The Ballroom Dancing was very popular on this trip. 
During the week, many people said this was the most Ballroom Dancing they had ever done in their life... and they liked it! 
Ballroom Dancing is something of a lost art in modern American society.  In every city it is hard to find a place to dance to Ballroom music.
However, most cruise ships provide a live band playing Ballroom Music every night of the week.  Our trip was no exception.
Thanks to an excellent band, on our Rhapsody Trip, Ballroom Dancing came alive in the Centrum!! 
As a result, our dancers had the time of their lives dancing Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Foxtrot and Swing for an hour every night. 
Everyone you see was from our group.  As you can see, our group filled the floor to capacity.  We loved every minute of it.
We had quite an audience.  Many of other the passengers watched with envy.  They would line the rails of the level above and
watch us dance the night away.  I am pretty sure they would have joined, but they did not have a clue how to Cha Cha or Foxtrot. 
As a result, they were forced to stay on the sidelines.  Oh well.
These pictures were taken during Gary Richardson's after-hours Whip and Western Dancing parties. 

I left a few of the times in... 11:50 pm, 1:10 am, 12:10 am.  Gary said sometimes the event lasted till 2 am.  People said this was
 some of the most fun they ever had dancing in their life - big floor, good music, lots of room to dance, plenty of great partners,
and of course the beautiful ocean outside the window for inspiration!
As you might expect, people got tired.  Rather than go to bed, they just dozed on the spot.

From the looks of the following pictures, my buddy Gary Richardson had the time of his life on this trip.  See for yourself.

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Rhapsody 2006 Home Who Went First Day Fun Formal Night Dancing
Belize and Cozumel Welcome to the Jungle Hot Tub Mischief More Pictures
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