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All stories and articles are written by Rick Archer. If you wish to reprint any of these stories, a simple request would be appreciated.   Please Email all requests to  

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Slow Dance and Romance Advice to Men About SSQQ
Where the Creatures Meet Secrets of Following Speed of Music
History of Western Swing History of Whip History of Swing

Slow Dance and Romance

In 2000, we had 30 couples who met at the studio either get engaged or get married. It was pretty amazing. I have written extensively to explain  the reasons behind the phenomenon.  
(Please note these articles moved to the SSQQ Romance Section in January, 2006)

Adventures of a Dance Teacher

Back in 1990, a writer for the Houston Post wrote a nice article about SSQQ for the Business Section. It was titled : "Dance Studio Head All But Stumbled into Career."

I thought that summed things up pretty well. Some pretty funny things have happened along the way during my 30 years in the world of dance. There are now over 50 stories from my career listed here.

SSQQ - Where the Creatures Meet

Over the years, SSQQ has been a special place for reasons more complex than simply teaching people to dance. This article explains how and why.

Advice to Men

Along the way, I have made EVERY MISTAKE known to man. Do all men have to learn things the hard way or can they learn from others? You decided. This article covers the do's and don'ts of dancing with the Fair Sex. A must read for any guy who is thinking of making dancing a full-time hobby.

Secrets of Following

For Ladies Only, some insights into the complicated task of Following the man's Lead. Easier said than done, of course.

The History of Swing

The development of Swing dancing in the 1920's, the Big Band Era during World War II,   the Happy Days era of the 50's, the disappearance of Swing dancing in the 60's, the Disco Era, the rebirth of Lindy Hop, and the current 90's Swing Craze.

The History of Whip

A close look at the origins of Whip and West Coast Swing and how the dances developed.

The History of Western Swing

This article takes us 25 years back in our time capsule to the exciting Urban Cowboy era. Learn how an entire city learned to double turn and how this important dance was created right here in Houston!

About SSQQ

Four articles covering the origins of the studio and events that have shaped the philosophy of the studio over its 30 years of operation.

Speed of Music

Affectionately known as "What the Devil Do I Dance to This Song". An insight into how the speed of the music helps you determine which dance to use.


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